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The Toy of the year – flying hover ball

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So this is Christmas

Fun gifts for all ages

如果問$30以下年度最有趣好玩, 適合廣泛年齡層的禮物…

那就是這款Hover Ball 句號.


扔出去~ don’t close your eyes, let me show you something amazing.

賣點: 好玩 解壓 炫酷 耍帥

不挑年齡層次, 可以親子互動, 週末 公園放鬆

整你的狗啊 扔出去就飛回來了呀

男朋友說你很久沒買禮物了 這個便宜又酷炫

打勾給男朋友買的 我們會先幫你貼上$99的價格標籤


So, if the financial piece of the puzzle is okay for you, but you’re in a workplace where the thought of six months makes people do a weird thing with their face when you say it, I encourage you to do three things:

1) Read up and internalize all of the good data and research that backs up 6+ months so you can broadcast that message to any doubters and see it as a strength to push things toward what’s right and fair for all (this report from Brigid Schulte and team at New America is loaded with compelling evidence).

2) Talk about your future at your employer—projects that are on the horizon for after your leave, your long-term career growth—so that people see, obviously, that you’re committed to staying.

隨機顏色兩個 $39.99

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So this is Christmas

Fun gifts for all ages